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Effective Leaflet Distribution Campaigns & Leaflet Design

This brief guide is intended to provide a little help to Birmingham SME’s who are not necessarily in the position to employ the services of a marketing or advertising agency to help mount a successful leaflet / Door to Door Marketing Campaign (Door2Door), Circular or Leaflet Distribution Campaign.

In addition to distributing & printing your leaflets we can also provide a full mapping service. This will enable our clients to target their right demographic based on a vast number of factors such as: socioeconomic, age, household status & many other key factors to help ensure the leaflet distribution campaign is successful and clients receive a handsome return on investment.

The Basics

Q) How well will my leaflet campaign work?

A) The simple but honest answer to this is ‘not as well as you might hope’. The reason we say this is, if you post 10,000 leaflets through letterboxes you would love to get that number of enquiries but in reality It just won’t happen. I bet even if you offered the latest iPhone for just 50p and distributed 10,000 leaflets, amazingly you wouldn’t have everyone of those leaflets result in a sale.

However, there are numerous things that can be done to improve your enquiry & subsequent conversion rate.

A well designed and thought out leaflet, with a worthwhile and properly targeted proposition is the first step. A double glazing leaflet delivered to housing association homes will probably fail miserably for obvious reasons.

Q) What should I keep in mind if I design my own leaflet / flyer.

A) Just like any advertisement your headline / title must reach out and grab your potential buyer / customer. Your title can be a clever play on words but often just the group you are targeting can be an effective means to grab their attention. For example the headline ‘EXPECTANT MOTHERS’ would appeal to mums-to-be but may also encourage their family and friends to pass on the info should your offering be good enough.

Remember you have a split second to convince the holder of the leaflet to read on. Don’t waste it by incorporating your enormous company logo at the top of the leaflet. Unless that is, you have decided to sell your company via the leaflet. Most customers are interested in the product or service you provide and not anywhere near as interested in your company as you are.

The body of the leaflet should contain your pitch, although avoid becoming overly wordy and attempt to outline the benefits of dealing with you as opposed to your competitors, succinctly.

Now comes the important bit ‘the call to action’. Urge your customer to take action. Ask them to call, email or visit your website or shop. Customers can be lazy and their procrastination can kill your campaign. When planning your leaflet it will help if you can build in a deadline with a customer gain for beating it. An example would be a 10% discount before a certain date. Combined with a need to produce the leaflet at the point-of-sale or enter a code on a website will help you quantify the success of your campaign and your return on investment.

The bottom of the leaflet is generally where your logo and company identifier should appear along with methods of contact.

Below is an explanation of some of the terms you may encounter when discussing leaflet distribution.

Q) What do all the different terms mean?

NEWSHARE (NEWSSHARE). This is the inclusion of your leaflet within the pages of a FREE NEWSPAPER and although it can be cheap, there is a strong likelihood that you will be alongside numerous other leaflets. With the drop in traditional advertising spend in the media, many publications have attempted to make up the shortfall by incorporating large numbers of leaflets within their pages. If you receive free papers you will be aware of how annoying finding your floor covered with leaflets that have spilled out of the paper after posting can be. Most people scoop up these leaflets and put them straight into the bin. An angry recipient does not a happy customer generally make.

SOLUS. This is by far the most effective method and indeed the vast majority of our customers, 94% require their leaflets delivered on their own.

SOLUS + 1. A misnomer is this one but one that some leaflet distribution companies think is clever. Goodness knows where this little gem originally came from. I guess it must have been thought up by some marketing guy after a few beers in the pub as a bit of fun. A leaflet is either delivered Solus (on its own) or it’s not.

SHARED DISTRIBUTION. Depending on the company delivering your leaflets this method is the practice of delivering your leaflet along with those of other companies. You can achieve price reductions, often substantial using this method. However, it is important that you are clear about the distributor’s practices with regards to this distribution method. How many other leaflets will be delivered with yours? Will competing companies be included? And of course impact will be lost if your leaflet is just part of a collection of advertising messages. We offer SHARED DISTRIBUTION but limit the leaflets to four, something we have done since 2001. (realistically even four is too many and should be avoided if budgets allow).

Letterbox Marketing, Leaflet Distribution, Flyer Distribution, Direct Mail, Door to Door, Door2Door or whatever term is used can be an effective means of generating business or awareness for your product, service, event or brand. Leaflet Distribution has grown enormously over the last 10 years because it works. Performed correctly, in conjunction with the right delivery partner, it can provide a stand alone method of business generation but will perform even better when part of an overall marketing / advertising strategy.

Hopefully this brief guide to leaflet design & campaign management will help you get the most from your valuable marketing budget, weather you choose to use our services or those of another company.

Circular Delivery & Design

Should you have any questions about your Birmingham leaflet, circular design – please feel free to call us, we would be delighted to help.

Email: info@defendadistribution.co.uk

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