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Birmingham Leaflet Distribution & More

Birmingham Leaflet Distribution is just one of the many services we can provide. In addition we can offer Product Sample Distribution, Menu Delivery and any other Direct Marketing Material you need to get out through your potential clients’ Letterboxes.

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Solus £POA
(A single piece of marketing material). This is by far the most effective type of distribution as your message is not lost amongst any accompanying leaflets. It also gives you greater control over the timing of your distribution run, allowing you to tie it in with other marketing and promotional activities you may have planned.

2Share £POA/1000
Yours and another non-competing piece of marketing material. This is a lower cost alternative to solus distribution that keeps other advertising messages down to a minimum. You will need to be slightly more flexible with this service regarding timing as it will need to fit in with when you and another customer want shared distribution in the same area.

3Share £POA/1000
Yours and two other non-competing pieces of marketing material. Customers choosing this option are generally prepared for a reduced response rate but are happy to accept that this is likely to be the case in exchange for a reduced spend.

4Share £POA/1000
Yours and three other non-competing pieces of marketing material. This is the maximum number of leaflets we will distribute and of course it will dilute the advertising message you are sending. However, for companies that are relaxed over the timing of the delivery of their material it does represent a very low cost option and if the production quality and message on the leaflet is strong and striking it can provide really good value for money.

4Share FlexiDrop From £29.00/1000
Our FlexiDrop Service of up to three non-competing leaflets is the perfect solution for those looking to control their distribution costs. Of course as you have less control over the timing & geography of the distribution area it is best suited to clients who are providing products or services with mass appeal.

Prices where they are quoted are based on the delivery of an A5 leaflet. The type of item and geographic location and household density will ultimately determine price i.e. whether it is a leaflet, booklet, magazine or product sample.

Urban & Rural Leaflet Distribution

Urban & Rural Leaflet Distribution

For accurate Leaflet Distribution Prices or to discuss a leaflet delivery strategy – Call us Monday – Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm to discuss your needs – Tel: 024 76 465000


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